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Digital ObjectRescue Pro 5.0

by romebeng
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Digital ObjectRescue Pro 5.0

The “i” and “w” functions are two of the most important functions in the A610. They control the exposure mode as well as the digital zoom. A mode called “auto” is the only available mode for flash memory cards without a built-in flash memory. In “auto” mode, a 14-bit/pixel Canon V1.2 digitized image is recorded, which is saved as a raw format file (DCF) in an ISO 9660 filesystem with a.ORF file extension. “auto” mode also records the exposure and quality settings during image capture, making it easy to use as a histogram monitor when looking for a good exposure.

Unfortunately the “i” and “w” functions can’t be accessed through the Menu/Selector controls while recording or while reviewing images. This may become an issue when using the digital zoom extensively, but overall, the built-in options are superior to those offered on previous Canon cameras that had their own built-in flash memory.

Image File Settings

As for the A610’s file formats, the sensor imaged only 4.0 fps, so we only recorded images in RAW file format. We found that the A610’s raw file format doesn’t produce the best image quality for the RAW format, so the worst case scenario is to convert the RAW format into a TIFF file using the program included with the A610. Other programs are available, as well as free software on the market. For our testing we used TIFF Wizard, available for $4.95 . We also used a free software package offered by Adobe, called Photoshop Elements. PhotoShop Elements is available for $49.95 and makes it easy to import and apply RAW format files to TIFF format. The number of colors available in TIFF files can be increased by increasing the value set at the bottom of the JPEG Quality menu. For the A610, we set the value for the CR2 raw file format (the A610’s RAW format) to 61.

so what’s the verdict? at the $800 body level, the canon a610 is an excellent digital camera, achieving exceptional results in both stills and video, across a wide range of shooting situations. it’s a great choice as a travel companion if you’re a frequent traveler or an avid amateur. at the $650 body level, the canon a610 becomes a solid choice for those looking for an entry-level camera. if you want an excellent digital camera for the money, the a610’s an excellent choice.
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