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Euro Note Serial Number Check

by renauro
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Euro Note Serial Number Check

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Euro Note Serial Number Check

the current series of euro banknotes has a number of unique features, for example a transparent window on the banknote. the new banknotes do not have any special features, except for a new numbering system.

the new series of banknotes will start with the number 0000000002,
with the exception of albania, belarus, bulgaria, croatia, czech republic, denmark, hungary, latvia, lithuania, malta, romania, slovakia, slovenia and poland.

as in the current series of banknotes, the new series also has a transparent window. the new series will start with the number 0000000002.

the new series of banknotes will also include a similar security feature as the current series of banknotes. a scanner is placed in the upper left corner of the banknote.

for this reason, there is a special rule to calculate this check digit. for each serial number, the tenth digit in the serial number is subtracted from the sum of the first nine digits and the result is added to the sum of the first ten digits. the last digit is then computed from this sum. this procedure is carried out for all ten digits of the serial number.

the last digit is then compared to three values. the first is the remainder of the modulo 11 addition of all the first ten digits. if the last digit is greater than this value, the note is rejected. the second is the remainder of the modulo 11 addition of the first ten digits after the tenth digit is subtracted from the sum of the first nine digits. finally, the third is the remainder of the modulo 11 addition of the first ten digits after the tenth digit is subtracted from the sum of the first nine digits.

for these reasons, we cannot guarantee that a serial number will always be correct. to avoid having to change the serial number of a banknote when this is due, we have developed a model that checks the serial number of a banknote against a reference serial number.
1) the chemicals used to create the polymer pellets are more expensive than those used to make the current polymer notes. 2) it would be very challenging to switch to the new chemicals, as new production lines would have to be set up.
we are not able to identify the component of the polymer notes. we therefore cannot say where the animal-derived component of the polymer note comes from. we found out that it is very likely that tallow, an animal-derived component is used. however, we cannot say which animal is used. the polymer pellets are tested in the same way as the current polymer notes. this way, we can find out if the component is in the final banknote, but not where it comes from.
we consulted with a number of expert institutions on the subject, for example the european commission, the european food safety authority, the german federal environment agency, the german federal institute for risk assessment and the national institute for health and welfare. these institutions are also involved in other areas of the security features in the new series of banknotes.
we also got the opinion of different stakeholders. for example, the national bureau for food control, the norwegian food safety authority, the norwegian trading standards service, the swedish national food administration, the veterinary authority of iceland, the polish food and veterinary service and the european commission.