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Fix: No Sound On YouTube In Firefox With SoundFixer ##TOP##

by lynren
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Fix: No Sound On YouTube In Firefox With SoundFixer

the soundfixer is a simple add-on that will help you fix the loss of sound on youtube in firefox, and it provides you with the options to increase or decrease the volume. this ensures that everyone who might view your video on youtube can hear you. in the latest update, there are new options to control the balance of the sound between the left and right channels. before this update, using soundfixer was not as easy, but now it is easier to add or remove the sound when sharing your video between color matched displays.

let’s face it, if the speaker and the headset do not work, your entire experience listening to a show with headphones is a complete loss of sound. if you have this problem, then soundfixer is the solution for you. the extension was updated with the latest firefox, and it includes features to control the balance of the sound between the left and right channels, as well as the volume. using the extension is not difficult, you just need to access the “control sound” menu and check the boxes you want. the extension also gives you the option to either increase or decrease the volume and balance between the left and right speakers. soundfixer can be used for online audio listening or watching your favorite tv show.

this add-on provides a simple and convenient way to improve the sound on youtube. the creator of the add-on has improved soundfixer in the latest version, so now it is easier to control the volume and balance between the left and right channels when listening to the audio stream. the new features and new improvements make soundfixer the best way to listen to audio online. you can also enjoy the online service of spotify after the update.

close the firefox the open the profile folder in the same folder that you have, located in %appdata%mozilla. now open the firefox and browse to about:config. in the prefs file find the lines that are related to youtube and set them to default. restart your firefox.
if you can play youtube videos with another browser, but you have a problem playing videos on firefox, then it might be caused by a missing feature in the browser. as a troubleshooting strategy, try to watch the youtube videos on websites that are expected to be supported. if you still don’t experience the issue, then you can troubleshoot further by clicking on the video’s source link and watching on the browsers. if an issue still persists, you should check if the youtube has blocked the video for you. to do that, you have to open the developer tools of your browser, select the network tab, then look for the blocked request. you can clear the cache of the browser as well.
firefox’s media engine is based on webaudio in conjunction with java. webaudio is a software component that provides direct access to audio in the user’s computer. so if you’re having problems with youtube videos in firefox but not in any other browser, then this troubleshooting tip can be helpful.
if webaudio is working, and firefox is not, try turning off java in the firefox options > content. with java turned off, it should not have any issues, so that would eliminate this as a possible cause.
if the problems with videos are not resolved, it may be that a plugin is causing the problem. try resetting the browser’s extension cache (in firefox, open the add-ons panel (click the firefox button, then click the add-ons button) and select the reset button next to the extensions panel. then restart the browser and see if the issue has been resolved.