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HACK Atomix Virtual DJ Pro V7.4.1 Cracked-EAT __LINK__

by latonine
Онубліковано: 23.11.2022 (6 днів ago)

HACK Atomix Virtual DJ Pro V7.4.1 Cracked-EAT __LINK__

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HACK Atomix Virtual DJ Pro V7.4.1 Cracked-EAT

the game felt choppy and full of bugs. they have not fixed these issues and i am still experiencing them. it is also very buggy. i only payed to play one day when the hack tool was working. that was the only day it worked and it only took out 24 hours, leaving another day to play. i played for about 1 hour and the hack tool shut me down. next day i played for a half hour and the hack tool shut me down. my second day i played for less than 30 minutes and the hack tool shut me down. the game feels unfinished because of its buggy state and the hacks it constantly has out. if the game has bugs, theres bugs to look forward to, but if the game feels unfinished, look for something else.

i got in on the march 31, 2016 patch, a few weeks after the game launched. throughout my playtime, the ai traffic never slows down or even gets close to what it should be. often times it exceeds traffic by 5 to 10 times. traffic is never slowed down, and just continues to push through. and they really need a way to counter the spy drones that they are adding as well. i dont know if it is still being worked on.

i wasn’t very lucky with getting hacked by anyone on this game. i’ve been playing this game for over two years now and i haven’t been hacked yet. but i’m not sure if that’s luck or they changed something. you can’t be as careless and expect to be safe.

played on my xbox one. got hacked by the same person on steam. they must have been using the same script or something, or else its the hackers that got hacked, not me. can’t be sure. i haven’t been hacked in the one year that i’ve been playing this game. i also have an xbox 360, where i haven’t been hacked in a year.

zero compensation for the rampant surge of horrible compatibility issues this game has had. from the moment you log in you are greeted with prompts for a new update and new software. you dont even get a new icon for your game! you are told the new features are being rolled out, no one ever tells you the game may break!
i am the generation who believes companies are in business to make money, not be nice, and have a loyalty to their customers. i was not nice. i got screwed over by scopely by spending over $5000 on their main game the first year, and was just completely turned off by it. i then turned to their other game: school of rock. i bought it just to see if it was as good as their main game. my mistake, and i was sold a product that did not work on my laptop – a fact that the company wasnt transparent about.
scully lied to me about the compatibility on my laptop. he said i had to purchase a new hard drive because he couldnt reconfigure it. i put off buying a new hard drive for months. i got my laptop repaired, and instead of giving me an item to install, they gave me a warranty key, which i didnt even know was offered by them. i was a little pissed off at first, but i didnt have the time or money to track it down for them. i emailed them three times, the third time they offered to sell me the item for $200. i told them in the email to send it – no response.
they are fat cats at the helm of the game company. and they have found that there is no amount of money that will convince me to buy one of their games again. never. they are a complete scam and i hope all their customers get the refunds they deserve.