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HMM Gracel Set 67 Part _BEST_

by janmax
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HMM Gracel Set 67 Part _BEST_



HMM Gracel Set 67 Part

The U.S. State Department has advised U.S. citizens against all travel to the Tibetan Autonomous Region in China in response to anti-Chinese protests that began in recent days. The State Department’s warning is a result of the security situation there.

Speaking in Berlin, Obama said the U.S. and its partners had struck a “painful compromise” with Russia over its military intervention in Georgia. Obama said that Washington and its allies would not accept threats to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

In Mauritius as well, a country that is highly controversial in SIROP generally when China and Seychelles cooperation, particularly from the perspective of SIROP, the Seychelles know all about the problems with China in Mauritius in that when the Chinese muck washed up on Mauritian beach, and people say, that stuff smells of China, so there was highly controversial issue of Chinese muck floating, Seychelles have been hesitant to host any event with China.

The Seychelles National Party for Progress and Prsidence (SPPF/PL) is the legal political party of the country. SPPF/PL was established in 2005 by a group of independence movement leaders. To read on what happens to SPPF/PL please read the blog that is the exception to the rule.

The SPPF party and its leadership must be condemned for treasonous behaviour. What has they done to show what a Christian they are? They appear to be a satanic cult. They must be punished by any means possible by the Western world. Like Pilate we had seen, and perhaps we, the Western World had, all these years with no action.

In 1993 Seychelles joined OAU. ( The OAU was dismantled by the US, EU, Europe, Africa and Asia in a long process. Later an AU was formed.) The Chinese Catholic Church was instrumental in the OAU process and is still as important as it has been even before OAU. The Chinese Catholic Church was part of the OAU.
Both these dissident countries stated that China should be monitored under international rules as a recognised independent State. That was the position of USSR and consequently COMECON in the 40’s and 50’s under the USSR, LENINGRAD and so on. From China they hoped that the positive effect of the US intervention in China, would be the fact that the door closed on the west powers in particular the USA who had taken advantage of the opening up of Chinese economy and political life to gain advantage for their own.
The East European Countries supported by China played a big part in convincing the US that it was time for change, for progress, for change in policy. So China came to the fore as the friend, who supported the Bush policy of new diplomacy, of new Technology and culture and change.
I have to defend myself. Now when I called on this side, I have been the victim of many attacks in the form of personal attacks. I have been labeled names and hit with all the mud like: Mao Tse Tung, Comrade Stalin, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and many others. I doubt that I might have the status of a legal party in the Seychelles. The level of hatred I get and the amount of hatred I get not a real Dictator. You name him.
The Chinese are the main enemy of all race, ethnicity, religious belief and belief. If I read this right, they do not have a race in China. Its all about different belief system. If the US believes that, they have to live with the consequences of their decisions. Mao Tse Tung believed that all non Chinese must be living in the pits of depravity and it was the Communist want to correct the wrongs of the past. Though in practice its been a disaster. China has no tolerance. Today China is considering the possibility to remove the Hindu community from all occupied parts of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan.