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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1.23 __TOP__ Full Version

by albuezek
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1.23 __TOP__ Full Version


Jazz Jackrabbit 2 1.23 Full Version

Wherever you play your games, there’s a good chance you’ll see folks challenging their friends to head-to-head matches in rows of fun-filled online arena battles. The experience of jumping into a dynamic, jam-packed battle with other players and blasting away at each other is one of the multiplayer gaming experience’s big win-win points. Even better: whenever you get into a hot match, you might even get to see your custom opponents win some cool rewards, like bragging rights, a Pizza, or maybe even direct cash in the Jackrabbits bank account.

If you’re not one of the lucky people who already owns Jazz 2, we’d like you to try the out-of-the-box multiplayer in our latest patch on Windows. Look for the “Play Online” button in the Start Menu and (assuming you’re running Win 98 SE or higher) click on it. A Java-based Multiplayer level editor pops up in your browser. Explore the Editor and create your first map!

The game Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 is a tycoon/simulation game where you’ll get to control an entire entertainment empire by creating events, buy/rent concerts, add music bands, hire artist’s (famous or not), create and sell hot dogs. All jazz! You will begin with nothing but a few grand and a trunk full of hopes. The tutorial is very detailed and you can see all the controls, also the hidden functions, like the system manager, sales manager or the musical planner. You’ll even get to control your time keeper machine and to switch it on or off at will. The tutorial teaches you to do various tasks, including buying a new $100,000 car, renting out a theater, constructing a new restaurant and the various ways to make money from these restaurants. You’ll be able to unlock new buildings once you reach a certain level. If you need any more information, just go to the included manual.

i’ve never been a big fan of the race events in jj2. they’re a great idea, but i always felt the ai was too dependent on luck to do anything remotely intelligent. jj2+ was supposed to make it so that the ai could actually play smart, but with the changes to the level builder (level designer) it was very difficult to make levels that fit this idea. hopefully, the new race event levels and the new track event will at least give players a chance to see a more intelligent ai in action. i personally love the new race event. i’ve been playing race with the events turned on a lot, and i think they’re very fun.
the part of jj2 where you’re on a train that’s out of control and just following the tracks down a mountain isn’t nearly as fun as it could be, and this mod tries to change that. this mod is based off of the mountain level from the main game, but with a few changes. first, the level is now set in a set location, and the train doesn’t make any turns after leaving the station. it also has a couple different ways to get off the mountain, and a secret level (where you climb back up to the beginning of the level). finally, the music is much better than it was in the original, and the train can run at full speed in some spots (which makes the train more fun to run).
jazz jackrabbit 2+ (jj2+) is a very large and complex update of the original jazz jackrabbit 2, which includes over 120 bug fixes, 23 new levels, a few new items, and a few new events. most notably, jj2+ includes the final boss, bilsy, who is a unique and very difficult boss that can only be encountered in the new holiday hare ’98 game. jazz jackrabbit 2+ is distributed under the mit license.