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Kamasutra Malayalam Translation

by yanvald
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Kamasutra Malayalam Translation

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Kamasutra Malayalam Translation

kamasutra by english people was altered in various ways, particularly when they appeared in india. this is the situation when, by the order of lord mayo, they used to be translated by some british natives, without reference to the original. in the new version some information was added, and the text was amended.

the british people did not change the content of the book, but they did change the title, of the kamasutra, after which it got a new and altered form: the kama sutra. in it you can read that for the first time the book appeared in india with a new title. at the time when the kamasutra was published by english people in india, they also translated into english the kamasutra malayalam, which to this day is widely used in india and in other countries of the planet.

the first english translation of the kamasutra was made in 1861 by the chief person of the calcutta, a man, which is also the author of the book – kama sutra in english. this translation was only composed of some chapters from the malayalam version, the rest remained in malayalam.

after the year of its first publication the translation appeared in all the countries of the world, and in the ussr, it became known as the kama sutra in russian. in france, the kamasutra in french – kamasutra in french. in germany, in kamasutra in german. in sweden, in kamasutra in swedish, in italy – kamasutra in italian, in spain, in kamasutra in spanish, in the united states, in kamasutra in english. even some other translations exist, in china, in kamasutra in chinese.

as for the translation of the text, it was made in the year of its first publication by the chief person of the calcutta, which is also the author of the book, by the name of b. stokes, that is – kamasutra in english. the translation was made in two stages, and in the second, the author added more chapters to the text, making it much closer to the original malayalam version.

the book has been translated from the sanskrit into the malayalam language. the whole world needs to know about it, as the whole world was waiting for the first translation of kamasutra in malayalam. the malayalam translation of kamasutra that is being published here is the first one of the world.
for centuries, this fascinating book has been a source of wisdom for all humankind, but it was hardly read in europe. richard burton translated the book from sanskrit into english, and at the same time, he translated it to malayalam. the book has been translated from the malayalam language to english. and the english translation of the kamasutra has been a source of wisdom for mankind.
there are two translations of the kamasutra in malayalam. one was translated by dr. anand, who resides in kerala, india, while the other one was translated by dr. p. s. narayana pillai, a retired scientist from madras, india. both translations are in the malayalam language.
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