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La Guerre De L’art Steven Pressfield Pdf 35 ‘LINK’

by lisafaun
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La Guerre De L’art Steven Pressfield Pdf 35 ‘LINK’

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La Guerre De L’art Steven Pressfield Pdf 35

and that notion is a popular one, appearing equally at home in anti-war songs and military recruitment propaganda (along with lava monsters ). most recently, my attention was drawn to it by a series of what are effectively self-help videos framed around the idea by best-selling author steven pressfield and i am going to use those videos as the clear form of the argument i want to engage. in part, this is because pressfield makes the argument in almost all of its fullness, making many of the implications (warrior societies, the life advice, the transcendent connection between warriors past and present, the implication that warrior life is more morally pure and so on) explicit and clear. and also because pressfields books his fiction i should note, for his historical fiction works have at best a tenuous relationship with the historical record are, among other things, on officer training reading lists making it a rather important thing if he is peddling an utterly bunk notion of the past.

his historical fiction works include: gates of fire (winning an australian walkley award for fiction), a man at arms, turning pro, do the work, the artist’s journey, tides of war, the legend of bagger vance, last of the amazons, virtues of war, the authentic swing, an american jew, nobody wants to read your sh*t, and the knowledge.

i also got a lot out of pressfields repurposing of parts of the bhagavad-gita, like having a right to our labour, but not the fruits of our labour. whenever i get too caught up in process and output as opposed to content, i try to bring myself back to this idea so i can be as true to my art as i can.

as for the artist, pressfield’s recent work, you can judge for yourself. it is hard to recommend anything by him, despite his other works being intriguing and i may well do so, and i will end by referencing my favorite, the war of art. that also makes it good that he and i are on the same wavelength in my mind. the best thing about the artist is that it appears to be an existential take on the warrior myth. it is far more clever than the war of art and far more fun to read. so if you have a strong stomach, do go to his site to read it. he has a strong and wonderful feminine voice behind what is a fairly simple book structure. it is a very good read. the best part is how all at the end is how the individual reader sees themselves and their art.
so that’s how i do the best i can to make life better. even if i do it somewhat clumsily, i will try to do what i can. it’s not enough to merely do the right thing, but doing it in a way that makes the world a slightly better place than it would be otherwise.
far more important than the parlor game of attributing credit to ideologies, even ideologies i don’t want to attribute to, is to do something. for every experience in which one is not contributing to the commonweal one is doomed to perpetuate the same nightmare patterns that are supposed to be banished. remember that plato, who wrote somewhere around 350 b.c., was a philosopher working in a world with literally no electricity. that’s no longer our situation, but the world he lived in is as good a model for it as any. the living philosopher in the world today is going to affect the world and ultimately our own lives profoundly.