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((NEW)) Download Film Power Rangers Ninja Storm Bahasa Indonesia

by darymar
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((NEW)) Download Film Power Rangers Ninja Storm Bahasa Indonesia


Download Film Power Rangers Ninja Storm Bahasa Indonesia

after the events of the original series, the rangers have been reformed and are now serving as honorary members of the s.p.d. power rangers are now members of s. and have earned permanent teams and jobs. they continue their missions in support of the s. and are still out there doing the right thing.

sari pulihati is a ninja ranger who is the daughter of the leader of the wind rangers, jib. she is very mischievous, and she likes to play pranks on her father and her fellow ninja rangers. she is also very mean, always trying to get the other kids to do her work, or to do things she is not supposed to do. her father was very fond of her and he taught her how to become a ninja ranger. she sometimes uses her ninja skills in order to help the other kids.

ninja storm introduces the rangers in their ninja academy. each rangers have a superpower that could be used in battle, but not in the ninja academy. after a few weeks of training, the rangers are ready to defend the city from the villainous monster gorgon.

the battle between the two forces begins. the rangers attack gorgon with their various superpowers, but he escapes. the rangers realize that gorgon is stronger than them. so, they form a secret alliance, and they plan to combine their powers and their ninja-like strength to defeat gorgon.

the rangers use their superpowers to defeat gorgon, but not before he kidnaps one of their friends. the rangers realize that they must put their differences aside and work together, or the ninja storm will be at the mercy of gorgon.

gorgon’s minions have taken over the city, and it’s up to the ninja storm to defeat them. they manage to destroy a lot of them, but gorgon and his henchmen are still strong. so, the ninja storm finds the ninja amulet, which is an ancient weapon created by the samurai. this weapon has the power to destroy anything and everything.

immediately after the battle with the storm star megazord, anubis cruger is given the power of the samurai star megazord, but when he tries to use the power, he transforms into the evil character anubis cruger. the samurai star megazord then attacks the earth, but the rangers defeat it and force the villain to return to sirius.
after the fight, the rangers are given their ninja storm powers and are invited to join the ninja storm team. cam leaves the team to move to new york city to attend tamers academy, but later returns to help the team when it comes under attack by the evil zedd. the rangers defeat zedd and his minions, but zedd escapes, and the team is temporarily disbanded. sensing the formation of a great evil, the rangers return to blue bay harbor, where they discover that the water ninja amulet has been stolen. after tracking it to a nearby construction site, the rangers find a giant snake preparing to devour the two thieves. the team battles the snake and its minions, but it escapes, and the rangers learn that the thief, a young woman named aisha, was thrown into the abyss of evil, which is sealed by an ancient scroll and is guarded by lothor. the rangers team up with aisha and a group of ninja students in order to defeat lothor and free the abyss of evil.
meanwhile, in the wind ninja academy, the three students are preparing for their final test of leadership, where tori, as the new leader of the team, is challenged to lead them to victory against the other three academies. tori, shane and dustin present their final task to the team, which involves them entering an airship to return the stolen water ninja amulet to the blue bay harbor water ninja academy. while on the airship, they are attacked by lothor, who steals the amulet and uses its power to transform into the lothor armor, which grants him great strength and defense. tori, sensing lothorís plan, teleports the other students and sensei to a nearby island, where they battle lothor. after his defeat, lothor reverts back to his human form, but the team defeats him again.