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Solaris 9 Sparc Iso Free Download _HOT_

by tanvoy
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Solaris 9 Sparc Iso Free Download

You should know that the free software mentioned in this document is not supported, and is provided only for reference purposes. The free software or the Internet may not be legally protected under the copyright, patent, or other intellectual property law in your jurisdiction.

This is a Beta ISO available on our Downloads site (under Sparc section). It will only work on sparc hardware. The contents of this ISO are basically the same as the release image, so you’ll have the same files in the same directory structure. The site is currently in beta, and we ask that you email customerservice@us.ibm.com to report any issues you encounter.

Thankfully, there are countless other ways to use and take advantage of Solaris OS for free, other than just installing it on your own hardware. There are very few commercial versions of Solaris OS out there, despite the fact that there are others out there. Solaris OS provides the guts to that shiny robotic box that is in your garage or office every day.

Oh yes, and Solaris, unlike their damnware, is available to all and not just to the church and temple of Oracle. Which is cool, because it means I have Solaris OS running on hardware I bought 5 years ago when they were still selling it and the number of hours Ive spent arguing with tech guys about windows NT running on port 80 mean there is just enough I can spend arguing with stupid tech guys and drivers that have no idea what theyre talking about when they say NT running on port 80.

So, if you ask me what I use in my life, my answer would be: Thats a good question. Ive just switched to Linux for almost everything. Now my desktop is Linux running a GUI KDE and Ive got a headless Solaris AS/400 that I dont use often (it kills me to admit to not using it) but that I can use for QA purposes. Ive got a 2x Xeon E5s in my rack that Ive been meaning to migrate to Solaris ZFS and running a whole SCC cluster. Ive got a couple of SunFire T2000s that Ive built and migrated to Solaris ZFS, running a Sysadmin client, a backup client, a SQL Express server, a share point instance, and a couple of web apps.

i think that puts the lie to the original anonymous comment above. also, the sheer number of people having trouble with solaris 9 (which is a pretty good indicator that its a huge pain in the ass) makes me think that your original statement was just dumb.
i may have to learn more about sparc systems in the future, however at the moment, i have no particular interest in sparc. i may have to think about starting up a sparc system again, but it will have to be a test system, and that is something i have been avoiding as i have had such bad experiences with solaris.
i am currently working on a project where i have to setup a solaris server. unfortunately, i have to do this from scratch and i have no idea what i am doing. i am currently studying a book on solaris that says to setup a solaris server as a router.
i would like to find a book on solaris that explains how to setup a server. i am not familiar with solaris, but i am familiar with other linux distros like redhat and mandrake, so this book should be relatively easy for me.
long story short, it does what you expect it to do. i liked the fact that it wasnt as “downlevel” as most other distros, so it doesnt try to be windows. it also has the best package management system ive ever used (yum). you can get a nice gui for it if you like, i just did a text install. if you dont know what youre doing, theres a nice beginners guide on the solaris.com website. it has plenty of info about things like lvm, zfs, iptables, networking, networking, storage, and whatnot.
but i digress, a word on the install. i had to use a boot cd to install solaris 10, because solaris 9 wouldnt recognize my scsi controller. i had to use a special bios option to be able to boot from cd, and it was the only way to install solaris 9. anyways, i figured i would give the new version a shot, so i installed solaris 11.3 on a second drive, and tried to boot from cd. solaris 11.3 wont boot from cd, and i tried to use my e250 as a boot cd drive, and it didnt recognize the drive.