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South Park The Stick Of Truth Update 3 [2021]

by agrwaid
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South Park The Stick Of Truth Update 3 [2021]

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South Park The Stick Of Truth Update 3

the player then is given the option to either make a new character, or to play as butters and eric cartman. once the player decides which character to make, he is then sent to the kupa keep to find a partner for the game. the player must work his way through the town, passing through all of the houses and gates to meet the different characters (including various characters from south park and south park: the stick of truth).

the player and his friends then take the stick of truth back to eric cartman to return the stick of truth to the goth kids. cartman then contacts the goths to tell them that the stick of truth has been found. a plan is then set in motion to destroy the stick of truth. the player will have to battle his way through various gangs and characters within the town.

the player defeats the stick of truth’s destroyers and reclaims the stick of truth, and then returns it to cartman. cartman then sends the player to kupa keep, where the player will fight his old friends, as well as his previous enemies, for the coveted stick of truth.

the player can also keep the stick of truth at the final battle, which will give the player a huge amount of experience. however, the player will have to use a special stick to activate this special function.

the player will then have to return to eric cartman, who has been waiting at the school for the player to come back with the stick of truth. cartman is then taken to the jail, where he will be put in the slammer.

the end credits roll, and the player is left with the question “should i play the stick of truth again?” the game’s creators would rather not have you ask this question, as they would rather have you decide how to answer it yourself, but they have left the answer to this question on the table for you to find on your own.

“many of the characters in the stick of truth are based on real people or historical events and they are drawn and animated in the same style as the show. for example, in the game, the kids are based on the rock band kiss and the nazi zombies are based on adolf hitler.” – trey parker, south park co-creator
“we’ve been doing the same thing for 10 years now and we’ve made tons of money and i love all the characters in south park so i wanted to bring that to life and do it as well as we can. i’m psyched to be a part of that.” – bruce mcculloch, voice of cartman
“i’m a big fan of the show and i’ve been a fan of the show since i was a kid. when i was kid, i would watch south park all day long on comedy central. it was like my crack and i’m very proud to be a part of this.” – eric st. john, voice of mr. hankey, creator of the doomsday clock
clyde thanks the new kid for saving the town, but they realize they have more to do. cartman informs the kids that the elves are breaking into kupa keep and kenny wonders why. clyde says that it is because the elves are stealing their magic music. he tells the kids that they need to stop the elves, so they go to the inn of the giggling donkey. after a brief battle with the elves, the boys meet the bard, who informs them that the elves are trying to steal the stick. they go to the inn of the giggling donkey and talk to the bard, who tells them that they need to get the power of music from randy, who is asleep in the inn. they wake him up and he starts singing the elves out song, which attracts the attention of the guards. after defeating them, they go to kupa keep and find the stick, which is surrounded by an elf guard. the elves use their magic to steal the stick, as they hope to use it to conquer the earth.