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Surya Son Of Krishnan English Subtitles

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Surya Son Of Krishnan English Subtitles


Surya Son Of Krishnan English Subtitles

with this he let him understand that the truth the gods bestowed on the jivatman was to understand the righteousness and that it was important for the true jivatman to believe in righteousness. but surya was completely disillusioned with life and decided to find out how the world really functions as he was brought up to believe that he was a victim of adharma. he then knew that he couldn’t escape reality.

surya decided to follow the doctrine of ahimsa. he waited for the nights to come. at midnight, he went towards the direction of dwarka. in dwarka, surya had one of his disciples, radha, walk on the path in front of him and told him that he followed the path of ahimsa. he then did a yagna at the end of dwarka where he got a boon that wherever he goes, he would find a rishi and there he should bow.

he then told his disciple that he would leave the path at once. he found an aged rishi who was busy drinking wine. he greeted the rishi and told him that he came to worship him. the rishi asked surya if he was searching for a drink and he would give him a drink. upon surya’s refusal, the rishi said that the chiranjeevi was not going to be satisfied. surya then understood that the rishi wanted to use him as a test subject and used his powers of jnana and nidhi to destroy the place where they were staying. he destroyed the place. he also had his disciple radha tell the rishi that his understanding was wrong and that what the rishi had wanted was a dead human, not a living rishi.

as soon as this happened, a lot of water was started to flow on the ground and new trees were created. after that surya had his disciple radha lift the rishi on his shoulders and he continued his journey.

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