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Sven Coop Player Model Pack ((NEW))

by chatenn
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Sven Coop Player Model Pack ((NEW))


Sven Coop Player Model Pack

the code is still available for download, but the mod pack itself is no longer maintained, and no updates have been made to it since 2009. however, several maps and other content is still available to download in the mod’s official archive. a similar mod known as half-life 2: four play is still maintained, though it is not very active.

the game’s rating is very low. that said, it is possible to unlock the game’s full content by meeting the given requirements. the game’s recommended players count is between 2 and 10. the game’s player count on steam is currently 2.

and now you know what they’re like. don’t expect much of a performance improvement, either – the new models are at a high quality, but they also run slower than the originals. i haven’t tested that, as i did it with the originals.

sven co-op is an ode to half-life’s multiplayer modding scene. it’s a place where the dreams of modding have combined to create a perfect, warped creation: a land where half-life’s greatest horrors confront us with vicious and unfriendly monsters. half-life’s greatest villains are ready to pounce. with sven co-op’s five player models, the author’s own custom player model (the dark templar), and two player classes and a map editor, sven co-op has a million features to offer players.

the first thing you’ll notice when you start sven co-op is that you need to create a user account. the system is designed to be more individual than a traditional multiplayer game. it’s a good idea, but doesn’t quite work. there are no menus to choose from, and you’re sent straight to the game itself, requiring you to sign in to your steam account. once you’ve done that, you’re on the pitch. there, you’re handed a pair of headphones, a microphone, and an entrance to your mission. you’re not given a weapon or anything else. just you, a pair of headphones, a microphone, and a pitch.

“as a map developer myself, i find that working with mods is a very interesting and rewarding process. having a basic understanding of modding in the game you’re developing can dramatically affect the visual side of things, and even increase the control level over the scripting. of course, that’s really all up to the modders themselves, and so this guide is more of an example of how i might be working on a mod if the game i’m modding uses modding features. i have created a small level i am calling mythos – the level showcases a few modding features, namely first person view, additive sounds and monster spawning. i wanted to test how useful these features are, and to see if there are any problems i should be aware of while modding a game that uses those features.”
mythos is a map-playing game of doom, bringing the 4th most terrifying game of the early ’90s to half-life 2 with a nice little tutorial level. it was recently still being updated with all the cool new features that the playstation 4 and steam workshop brought to the table. a perfect jam game, and an excellent testbed to see what a modder could do with the half-life 2 engine. i would appreciate a bit of houdini, though.
but anyhoo, it worked! we had a half-hour to make our way through the map. all the monsters were great. the only questionable one was the default shotgun, but it just didn’t work for me. i couldn’t figure out how to equip it, and once i did, there was no way to reload. they say half-life 2’s gun-mattiness trick is that you can’t look the wrong way when you reload, but i could clearly look at my shotgun and reload. it was just a bit.. too easy.