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Tamil Fonts For Microsoft Word

by kafbet
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Tamil Fonts For Microsoft Word

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Tamil Fonts For Microsoft Word

The Tamil script was introduced as a Unicode Private Use Area back in 2006, and was approved as a new language in 2010. It is included in the latest Unicode standard, version 9.0.0. Unicode is the international standard for encoding and decoding text for use on computers, mobile devices, web sites, and more. Tamil’s code point range and their associated character set are U+0B80 – U+0BFF
Tamil’s characters use the TamilUnicode font in Unicode, which is an adaptation of the Tamil language for Unicode. Within Unicode, the TamilUnicode font is assigned code range 0B80 – 0BFF, and the TamilUnicode characters are listed as U+0B80 – U+0BFF.

In addition to providing TamilUnicode for Tamil fonts, Unicode also provides an extensive range of fonts to support other languages. These fonts are part of Unicode version 9.0.0, which is a fairly new release. They are all available under the TamilUnicode User Interface (UI) Font subcategory. The TamilUnicode UI Fonts are all designed for text display, rather than for text editing.

In general, all the fonts in this section support TamilUnicode. There are only a small number of the fonts provided by the Unicode fonts which do not support TamilUnicode. These fonts are listed in the TamilUnicode User Interface (UI) Fonts section. The following fonts are designed to support TamilUnicode, but do not:

  • Times New Roman
  • Courier New
  • Symbol
  • Wingdings
  • msibmcyr
  • msibmcy

Tamil Fonts For Microsoft Word

The TamilUnicode font provides the following characters to support Tamil, TamilUnicode characters are:

under section “selecting input languages and keyboards” in the regional options dialog, select “tamil” as the input language. this will change the text displayed in the beginning of the window to “tamil (roman)”, and the prompt to “follow the instructions to enter tamil.” type on the keyboard as instructed. you can use’return’ to return to the primary language selected in the previous step. you can also go back to the tamil language input settings by selecting the “tamil (roman)” text in the top left corner of the window and hitting return.
the standard windows graphical menus and toolbars provide no language support. this is often referred to as the “language neutral” approach, but it is inherently limited. instead of using a standard set of menus and toolbars, the windows operating system allows your to add applications (such as microsoft office) that can have their own menus and toolbars which contain only the appropriate text and image data. this is done by selecting the language neutral toolbars in the control panel, and toggling the language bar to the desired language. you can also bring up the control panel by clicking the windows logo in the lower left hand corner of the screen, selecting control panel from the menu, and then clicking on the language tab. other languages have their own submenus in this tab, such as the general tab with information on the indic fonts, and other common input languages. the regional options dialog (user account control, or uac, settings) is also available from the control panel.
in the region dialog, make sure tamil is selected as your preferred language. select the tamil input tab and make sure the “tamil” box is checked. make sure that all the other languages in this dialog are unchecked. in the control panel (application menu), click the regional options button. this should open the regional options dialog box. click the general tab.