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Ulysse31MovieTorrent !!EXCLUSIVE!!

by valdreha
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Ulysse31MovieTorrent !!EXCLUSIVE!!



after a few seconds of downloading, the installer will begin. it will download the correct java version for your platform. if you want to use java for either windows or osx, but not both (for any of a number of reasons), follow the next step.

after that, you can choose which bits you want to install – in this case, ulysse31 itself, as well as the sun java 6 runtime download from the java.com website . on windows, you can skip that step and just double-click the install file to begin.

after the download completes, you’ll have the ulysse31 client. depending on your install method, you may have to restart your computer to load the new program. this has happened to me before, and usually only happens if i do a restart right after the install.

if you’re on windows, launch the installer from where you downloaded it – you may need to run it as administrator in order to do that. for osx and linux, type “java” into the terminal, select the version you want, and type “java ulysse31”, which will launch the ulysse31 installer. for windows users who want to run it on wine, right-click on the download file (either the one you got as a link or a zip file) and click “open with..”, and choose “wine>.exe” (or run it from the command line)

ulysse31torrent is a proprietary implementation of the ulysse31 bittorrent protocol. it is not affiliated with the creators of the ulysse31 project. ulysse31torrent is distributed under a creative commons attribution/non-commercial/share alike license . commercial license arrangements may be available, please contact the author for more information.

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